“Que Viva America (Cars…)


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• The guy lives right out of Town, spending most of his Time (days and nights sometimes) in his Packed and pretty big Workshop.

He’s a Welder, we should say one of the best ever met; able to create Structures from scratches, complex Roof-pack for Off-Road expeditions that can Load almost everything, or Bull-bars that can protect you from (local) Bulls or treacherous drivers. Sometimes he’s involved in some internationally renown artist’s creation, which makes him even more extravagant.

He is the kind of guy who can help asking no questions, and he’s a gentle bloke as well.

His place condensates all we could imagine concerning all kind of Metals in all possible forms, Welding machines and their specific smell (which is not a French “Eau de Toilette”, but still very masculine and intriguing…).

Among all these Paraphernalias sleep quietly our Buddy’s personal obsessions:

perfectly in line, selected in Models (C4 and ZR-1 as well), all gently protected from Dust and waiting in order, not defined yet, for Restoration or just a simple “Road-Legal” check (which eventually will bring them back to “Road-life” through proper MOT) you can find only, we mean it, Chevrolet Corvettes, from 70’s Onward.

Founded all over the world, mainly from the States of America of course, all running and all specials to him. Enter his world needs a respectful approach and awareness (there is very little room left to move around). We speak on Defenders, he speaks “America”; we usually end up with a very local Italian Pizza.