A little story

In 2009, ‘Biondo’ designed and produced three specific “pieces” to participate in the (in)famous Endurance ‘Ride of Monferrato’ motorcycle rally (roughly 1500 Riders gathering on any sort of motorcycles and ready to jump up-and-down hills, going through thick and glorious mud, defying heavy rain and gaining a lot of fun…).

Then a three layers Cordura® 500 fabric with a very special FIR Technology membrane was developed and dipped it in the men’s color for excellence: a most masculine, sober and elegant DeepBlue (Light-years away from the rainbow-style motorcycle usual outFits…).

BIONDO ENDURANCE was then founded, defining and implementing a broader Apparel project, one for each different activity/section; partnership relations were started with leading Italian and foreign companies, both for materials and manufacturing.