Endurance Apparel

Function and aesthetic must endure and be long-lasting in time.

We do believe that all clothes should be consistent and durable, per design and per quality; each garment should be worn and used through the years almost like a fine Tool, in good weather or under nasty conditions, preserving and maintaining its primary Features and value each time you put it on.

These are (some) of the reasons why our prices are not the cheapest on the market, but yet amongst the most valuable for their quality and manufacturing; the (italian) small production mills that work for us are certainly more expensive than those outsourced in the far-east or elsewhere, but they work (very) well.

Materials and Components selection are just rigid (complying function standards & CE  approvals / 95% Eu origin > Italy, Switzerland, Austria, UK, Germany – 5% Japan origin).

We do not sell all over the place, but directly, through our workshop in Milano (Italy, again) and on-line, so we keep the “chain” shorter with very reasonable mark-up; in same cases we share the same Passions with special European Retailers carrying specific products.

There are not make any kind of  discounted sales at the end of the season, but, once in a (very rare) while, some products do reach the End of their life, so we just offer them at a very Cut-price from 30 to 50% off (check “Hale-Bopp Special Sale” section in the MainMenu), and as our major commitment is to respect our customer’s trust (and wallet), we do offer an Extra 15% discount on newest products, not included in the “HBSS” section (for those who have purchased the aforementioned items at full price, by tangible proof).


A little story

In 2009, ‘Biondo’ designed and produced three specific “pieces” to participate in the (in)famous Endurance ‘Ride of Monferrato’ motorcycle rally >

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What we do

BIONDO ENDURANCE designs and produces apparel for sport, outdoor activities, light and heavy use, or just simple leisure. All products are either Technical and  functional >

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Materials & Techs

All materials we use, from fabrics to accessories and many other stuff and paraphernalia, are selected amongst the best producers: Nylon Cordura® is licensed by Invista and produced in Italy >

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The ‘very rigid search’ brought us to the city north-west last frontier: a Milano neighborhood best known as ‘Musocco’. The old Garage once was part of the Hotel built before WW II >

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