Post nr.000_003 September_2018_III

• The Trail-run competition was one of our firsts, long enough and with a fair (and acceptable) climb, at least for us, Born at sea and obviously less accustomed to Mountains, but the place was beyond any expectation. God designed that scenery with Beauty in mind. Descending from the top all was light and Majestic and bright.

In Summertime our activity stays open, while the whole world moves and gasps to reach “les îles lointaines”; so, for the few days-Break we take, the selection must be the only place with (relatively) easy access and with (very) poor Human presence; north of Domodossola, few meters from the Swiss borders: our very own “italian Scotland”.

Day starts with local cheese and Ham sandwich preparation (remeber to get some butter as well), water (plenty of and from all over the place), maps, compass, trekking poles, emergency cag or waterproof Jackets, lights, and all the Tools that the Mountains does require.

Tracks to follow and Peaks to reach are various and all with spectacular overviews on Lakes and Mountains; some paths are steep and rocky (and Sunny…), others are hidden by trees and slightly smoother in the ascent. Weather can change fast, very fast, and even in Full summer the temperature can drop even with light and little rain, so better be careful.

If you go North-east, to Busin lakes (trespassing Poiala pass, 2405 mts.), you’ll enter the wet, green, misty Italian GlenCoe.

Pure Bliss